August 29th marked the 5th year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. We have heard a lot about destruction in the gulf coast region after the BP oil spill, but what’s going on in communities that were wiped out by flood waters 5 years ago? People are still rebuilding and volunteers from organizations all over the country are helping out.

5 years could just as well be 1000 when measured against the 24 hour news cycle. With news outlets chasing the next big story it can be hard to stay engaged with sustained humanitarian efforts. Below are three stories that deal with New Orleans, Katrina and staying engaged.

From (a digital media company dedicated to promoting the good that happens around the world each day), “Katrina’s Five Year Anniversary is Over, So Now What?: The people of NOLA don’t want your pity. They just want you to stick around.”

From the Huffington Post, “9 Organizations That Never Left New Orleans”

From Sunday’s Emmys: George Clooney accepted the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for having made a life-changing impact upon society. In his acceptance speech, Clooney said he hoped that someone could “find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away”.

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